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What is The Best Lubricant for Harley Davidson Clutch and Brake Cables?

What is The Best Lubricant for Harley Davidson Clutch and Brake Cables?

What is The Best Lubricant for Harley Davidson Clutch and Brake Cables - PlanetSafe Lubricants AIM extreme duty lubricant

Do you have issues with the cables working smoothly on your Harley Davidson motorcycle? Do the lubes you use not have a lasting effect? Well, we may have the answer for you. PlanetSafe AIM Extreme Duty Lubricants work wonders on Harley Davidson Motorcycle cables.

Some motels cater to the Harley Davidson Clubs by offering cleaning kits to Harley riders so they can polish their Harley’s before taking off each day. The sense of pride in Harley owners borders on extreme...we love it! We got word from one such owner from the Youngstown, OH Harley Davidson Club that they received a small bottle of our lubricant in a motel provided cleaning kit. He said he had always had issues keeping his cables working smoothly. He had tried all kinds of lubricants ranging from WD-40 to 3-In-One Oil to specialty lubes provided by Harley, but none would have lasting effect. He said he tried the PlanetSafe Lubricant and could not believe the immediate way the cable worked perfectly. He contacted us and got more of our AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant. He told us he thinks Harley should advise all Harley owners to use this product. He said it lasts longer and works better than anything he has used before.

PlanetSafe lubricants were created to be long lasting. The lubricants use a nano technology to form an ionic bond with the metal while removing rust and corrosion. The lubricant will penetrate and maintain the smooth cable movement longer than other products. On top of that, it doesn't come with unwanted toxic chemicals or an over powerful aerosol sprayer. The applicator allows just the right amount of product that is needed. And did we mention it doesn't stink? PlanetSafe AIM is essentially odorless so you don't have to have a nasty smell on your bike.

As we got the call from this Harley owner he complemented on our AIM lubricant and how well it worked on the clutch and brake cables of his older Harley. He said he received it from a Best Western Motel in Pennsylvania as part of a gift package they give to all Harley riders who stop at their Motel. He said his clutch and brake cables have always caused him problems but on this day he applied the AIM lubricant and found it worked better than any other lubes he had tried. His advice to us was to get Harley Davidson to adopt this lube because it works so well.

If you own a Harley give PlanetSafe AIM lubricant a try on your clutch and brake cables. 

Many other Harley Davidson owners complain of engine pinging. For more information on how to fix a Harley Davidson engine ping check out our earlier post.

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