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Real Technologies LLC
1208 N. Westridge Dr., Suite B
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Contact: Tom@PlanetSafeLubricants.com

Real Technologies LLC is a Utah based company formed by Thomas M. Quigley and Clyde G. Ritter for the purposes of consulting, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing innovative technologies. The company has patent pending technologies in the diesel, gasoline, oil additive and lubricant industries. Real Technologies LLC provides fuel and lubricant additives for vehicle owners, industry and home use. Our products include bio-synthetic technologies, the result of years of research and development. Our founders have technical and scientific backgrounds.

The primary products of Real Technologies LLC are a direct outgrowth of Clyde Ritter’s research and development. Clyde’s background as a machinist and pilot led him on a quest to develop a better aircraft engine cam. Once developed, patented, and put into service the industry standard lifters were wearing out due to a lack of lubricity in the oils and weaknesses in the industry standard lifters. As a result Clyde launched research and development efforts to improve lifters and increase performance of oils. Those efforts resulted in patented lifters and several patents along the way to the current bio-synthetic additives offered by Real Technologies LLC. Along the way his research and development lead to additives for fuel and lubricants. Because of the non-toxic nature of our product lineup we market them under PlanetSafe Lubricants.

PlanetSafe Lubricants are manufactured in St. George, Utah. Our product line-up includes fuel treatments for diesel and gasoline, oil treatments for both standard and synthetic oil and a line of specific and general purpose lubricants for home, shop and industry. Our patent pending bio-synthetic products are virtually odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous and either very low on the flammability scale or not flammable at all.

Our products are available regionally in marine supply stores, Napa stores, Fastenal and other industrial supply stores, Ace and True Value hardware stores, bicycle stores and more. Mechanics especially love our penetrating lubricants because of the effectiveness of our products over the competition. In addition they appreciate the odorless and non-toxic aspects of the lubricants. Landscapers love the fuel and oil treatments in their 2 and 4 stroke equipment. Their hedge trimmers, chainsaws and lawnmowers run quieter, smoother, cooler and start easier. In addition they have found our AIM lubricant outperforms every other product on the market.

Real Technologies LLC is currently developing OEM formulas to target vertical markets. If your company is a national or international manufacturer and you do not currently have a superior lubricant product to compliment your own product line please contact us if you are interested. Sector 9 has proven our lubricant to be the superior bearing lubricant in the skateboard industry. You could have the best lubricant in your industry.