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Real Technologies LLC is a Utah based company formed by Thomas M. Quigley and Clyde G. Ritter for the purposes of consulting, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing innovative technologies. The company has products in the diesel, gasoline, oil additive and lubricant industries. Real Technologies LLC provides fuel and lubricant additives for vehicle owners, industry and home use. Our products include bio-synthetic technologies, the result of years of research and development. Our founders have technical and scientific backgrounds.

The primary products of Real Technologies LLC are a direct outgrowth of Clyde Ritter’s research and development. Clyde’s background as a machinist and pilot led him on a quest to develop a better aircraft engine cam. Once developed, patented, and put into service the industry standard lifters were wearing out due to a lack of lubricity in the oils and weaknesses in the industry standard lifters. As a result Clyde launched research and development efforts to improve lifters and increase performance of oils. Those efforts resulted in patented lifters and several patents along the way to the current bio-synthetic additives offered by Real Technologies LLC. Along the way his research and development lead to additives for fuel and lubricants. Because of the non-toxic nature of our product lineup we market them under PlanetSafe Lubricants.

PlanetSafe Lubricants are manufactured in St. George, Utah. Our product line-up includes fuel treatments for diesel and gasoline, oil treatments for both standard and synthetic oil and a line of specific and general purpose lubricants for home, shop and industry. Our bio-synthetic products are virtually odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous and either very low on the flammability scale or not flammable at all.

Our products are available regionally in marine supply stores, Napa stores, Fastenal and other industrial supply stores, Ace and True Value hardware stores, bicycle stores and more. Mechanics especially love our penetrating lubricants because of the effectiveness of our products over the competition. In addition they appreciate the odorless and non-toxic aspects of the lubricants. Landscapers love the fuel and oil treatments in their 2 and 4 stroke equipment. Their hedge trimmers, chainsaws and lawnmowers run quieter, smoother, cooler and start easier. In addition they have found our AIM lubricant outperforms every other product on the market.

Real Technologies LLC is currently developing OEM formulas to target vertical markets. If your company is a national or international manufacturer and you do not  have a superior lubricant product to compliment your own product line please contact us. Amtrak, Sector 9, Hobie Cat, Goat Tuff Archery Products, Jerks Bike Shop and others have proven our lubricant to be superior in their industry. You could have the best lubricant in your industry.


Tom Quigley, PhD

PhD, Range Science (Resource Economics Emphasis), Colorado State Univ, Ft Collins, CO, 1985

MS, Range Science (Resource Economics Emphasis), Utah State Univ, Logan, UT, 1973

BS, Watershed Science, Utah State Univ, Logan, UT, 1971

Experience: 8 years – Lubrication Industry CEO product development and marketing;40+ years – Natural Resource Science and Management – various positions - US Senior Executive Service Career Appointment - Chief Executive (Director) - Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service; Senior Advisor, METI, Inc.; Research Program Manager (PNW); Assistant Station Director (RMRS); Science Integration Team Leader, Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (PNW); Director – Blue Mountains Natural Resources Institute (PNW); Range Scientist (PNW); Economist; Resource Analyst; Hydrologist; Range Conservationist; US Air Force weather forecaster and Chief Forecaster.

Publications and Patents: Over 100 publications including one patent

Quigley, Thomas M., Arthur R. Tiedemann, and Jack Ward Thomas. 1995. Method and apparatus for controlling animals with electronic fencing. Patent number 5,408,956 issued April 25, 1995. U.S. Patent Office.

University Affiliation – 2 years teaching (IU), 25 years Adjunct appointments (EOU) – Eastern Oregon Univ, La Grande, OR - Indiana Univ at Kokomo, Kokomo, IN

Honors and Awards – USDA Superior Service Award – June 2001; Earle A. Chiles Award – December 1998; Professional Achievement Award – September 1995: Colorado State University, College of Natural Resources; USDA Superior Service Award - June 1990; 27 Certificates of Merit and Cash Awards - USDA Forest Service.


John Barson,
Marketing Director

Mr. Barson joined Real Technologies, LLC after realizing the potential impact our products could have on the environment and consumer health.

For the past 15 years Mr. Barson has worked in the health industry in various forms and verticals since he built his first health website site in 1996 in Vancouver, BC. He is currently the technical and media director for The Wellness Imperative People (TWIP) where he manages online content and media for TotalHealthMagazine.com

With his Internet background he built the #1 rated health site on the Internet in 1996 for a Canadian health magazine. His health background includes working with the team of professionals that created, built and managed the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine providing technical support, web design and support and Internet marketing from 1999 to 2009. He launched Total Health Radio in 2003 (on air until 2009) to provide an educational platform for consumers. Simultaneously he created and launched the American Wellness Network through which, at one point, he managed over 3 million subscribers.

Mr. Barson has built many dozens of websites for health food stores, manufacturers, publishers, writers, doctors and health professionals and brings those relationships to Real Technologies, LLC.

As Founder, CTO and VP E-Commerce with Showstar Online.com, Inc. in 1999 Mr. Barson designed and built the software and hardware architecture for Artstar.com which was rated as the top art portal in January of 2000 by USA Today. As the company spokesperson and CTO Mr. Barson raised in excess of $5 million US dollars for the financing of Artstar and Showstar Online.com, Inc. to see his vision become a reality.

As President of Shoptek, he developed relationships with providers of the other components of the electronic commerce process including major Internet providers, financial clearing services, developed the ecommerce credit card interface for CIBC, Canada's second largest bank, and online billing services (E-Charge). In 1996 Shoptek developed a cloud-based supply chain solution for Norco Bikes, Canada's largest bicycle manufacturer supplanting SAP.

In 1996 Mr. Barson was the co-founder and president of Savingsplus Internet Inc. and Shoptek E-Commerce Solutions, an Internet software developer providing end-to-end online electronic commerce solutions for business.

Prior to launching his first Internet company and web server in 1992 Mr. Barson was a radio broadcaster in Vancouver, BC with two radio talk shows including the Computer Program, Canada's first weekly open line talk show on technology and the award winning The Changing Family relationship show. In 1989 Mr. Barson designed and developed a recreational project (Surf City Waterpark) in Abbotsford, British Columbia from concept to financing which won the distinction of Best Waterpark Design & Concept by the World Waterpark Association.

In 1984 Mr. Barson launched his broadcasting career in radio. In parallel he partnered with Dusmar Video Productions to create industrial video content (corporate profiles), television commercials specializing in tourism, and contract television production for the CBC.


Gary Maple,
Business Development Director

Gary Maple brings diverse experience in building and leading innovative teams to generate effective paradigm shifts in government and industry. 

Mr. Maple is an IBM manager’s brat benefiting from a childhood growing up deconstructing and creating with parts of computers and electromechanics. His dad imprinted questions like “What if?” and “Why Not?” along with the IBM tagline of “Think”.  This transitioned to a career supporting the Department of Defense for over 35 years aligning with the Apple tagline of “Think Different”. He first became a lead electrical engineer designing the initial smart weapon systems for Texas Instruments / Raytheon later becoming their global field service engineer for advanced weapon systems supporting the U.S. and foreign defense departments. Noticing an opportunity to enhance the performance of the varied weapon systems and operations to be more common and effective, he became a U.S. Navy Civilian System Safety Program Manager at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. This led to his selection as Team Leader for Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Process Action Teams. His main projects focused on assembling and enabling the high-level teams to garner approvals for testing and reprogramming advanced smart weapons up close and personal instead of remotely at specialized facilities. This capability changes the paradigm in warfighting by allowing the adaptation of the weapon profile to the threat within fifteen minutes while on-site in close proximity to the battlefield and still inside the shipping container. Over half of the fleet and most of the ashore locations were performing proximity testing and reprogramming within two years of initial program funding allocation. 

As Vice President of Business Development at Pacific Power Source / Thermo he focused efforts on consolidating product lines onto profit sectors and implementing Six Sigma / World Class Principles to modify each division into more customer-focus, process-driven companies.  This increased direct channel commercial sales 25%, distribution channel sales 36% and government sales 400% in first year. 

With appointment as Lead Program Manager for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Nuclear Command, Control and Communication (NC3) Transition Integrated Product Team (IPT), he developed teams successful in implementing the Hybrid NC3 System within two years of funding approval.  This led to initial approvals of the NC3 Long Term Solution (LTS). 

He has provided many years of senior program management lead support at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), Program Executive Office Command, Control, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I) PMW 160 Tactical Networks encompassing global integrated wide area and local networking computing and data systems, both ashore and afloat, to support a robust common network of geographically dispersed Navy, joint service and coalition forces. 

He spends weekends as a NRA certified Instructor and BSA Rangemaster in pistol, rifle and muzzleloader. 


Damion Quigley,
Manufacturing/Plant Manager

Mr. Quigley has 21 years experience managing transportation related businesses.  He has managed a large truck stop serving the interstate system in Portland, Oregon that included fuel sales, full service tire shop, motel, convenience store, and restaurant with 42 full time employees.  Mr. Quigley has extensive experience in the towing industry and automotive repair industry – managing an award winning towing and auto repair operation in Walla Walla, Washington, experience as a tow truck operator, overseeing payroll, billings, insurance interactions, AAA services, and impounding operations.  He has worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic, operator of a full service repair facility, and as a service advisor for an auto dealership.  

Mr. Quigley’s extensive experience in managing facilities as well as equipment operation and understanding of truck and auto repair and maintenance uniquely qualify him to operate and maintain the production plant for Real Technologies products.