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How Should PlanetSafe OT Be Used?

PlanetSafe OT (Oil Treatment) is specially designed to provide the protection your gasoline and diesel engines deserve. It reduces friction when most engine wear occurs – at start-up. It's laboratory tested and proven.

PlanetSafe OT should be used as an additive to fully formulated oil and gear lubricants.  It can be safely used in engines – diesel and gasoline – differentials and manual transmissions.  We do not advise using OT as an additive to automatic transmissions.  The ratio is typically 1 oz of PlanetSafe OT per 4 quarts of oil or gear lube.  This is enough to circulate OT the surfaces needing lubrication.  It penetrates micro spaces to lubricate and protect moving parts.  Because it bonds to the surfaces, it provides protection against “cold starts” when most of the engine wear occurs.  It typically takes several minutes for oil to be pumped to all the surfaces needing lubrication on a cold start.  During these minutes, friction and wear occur, causing wear.  Independent lab tests demonstrate that engine surfaces are lubricated and protected before a cold start – thus, reducing friction and wear in engines from start-up to shut-down.

A cam phaser knock is a problem PlanetSafe OT works great to fix.

See how to fix a Ford Expedition cam phaser knock with PlanetSafe OT.



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