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Squeaking Creaking Glass Shower Door Hinge Fixed in Real Time

Squeaking Creaking Glass Shower Door Hinge Fixed in Real Time

Do you have an annoying squeaking shower door? Check out this quick and easy way to fix a squeaking shower door in the video below. 


How do you fix a squeaky and noisy shower door? The quick answer is with AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant. Troy from DIY Home and Auto applied AIM using the needle tip applicator to the top and bottom of the shower hinge and it quickly solved the noise problem. It was actually surprising how fast it got rid of the shower door squeaks. AIM quickly penetrates into the micro-spaces of the hinge, lubricating and protecting the hinge from wear and corrosion while removing the annoying squeaks. All this in a non-toxic, non-hazardous lubricant that does not leave an odor. No need to vacate the room once AIM is applied - the only thing missing is the noise.

AIM lubricant removes rust and protects from further rust, corrosion and friction.  AIM is a fast acting penetrating lubricant that uses nano-particles to penetrate beneath rust and bond to the metal surface to lubricate and protect from further rust.  Most shower door hinges will eventually become wet, rusty and corroded.  Use a metal needle tip applicator to get a few drops of lube into the door hinge you can reach.  You can wipe off any excess lubricant. You will find that AIM is not like WD-40 or other aerosol sprays that result in a large volume of spray being applied and then requiring cleanup.  A small amount of AIM goes a long way.  All you need is a thin coating in the hinge and your squeaks will be gone. Open and close the shower door a few times to help the lubricant work its way into all areas of the door hinge.  AIM will continue to penetrate into the micro spaces of the metal surface while providing lubricating protection for your shower door hinge. 

Try it out and let us know how it works for you!


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