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The Best Way to Clean Copper and Lead from a Gun Barrel

How to Clean Copper and Lead Buildup from your Barrel. What is the best gun oil for copper fouling?

How to Clean Copper and Lead Buildup from your Barrel.

What is the best way to clean copper fouling and lead buildup from your gun barrel? The answer is PlanetSafe AIM Weapons Grade CLP.

We recently were asked a question about whether AIM CLP will work better than Hoppes No. 9 to clean copper and lead from a barrel and we thought we would provide a little insight into the common issue of lead and copper buildup in the barrel.

The way AIM CLP cleans is by penetrating to the barrel metal and then bonding ionically to the surface. So, if copper is present, AIM CLP begins to penetrate under it between the barrel metal and the copper at the boundaries of the copper. It penetrates under the copper and loosens it at the boundaries, causing it to be removed with the cleaning process and brushes/pads. 

Because AIM Weapons Grade CLP is not going to have a chemical reaction with copper or lead, it will work slower and if the build ups are too great it may not fully remove them. If there is a large amount of copper, then one cleaning/penetrating cycle is not going to remove it all. It may take several cleaning cycles. AIM CLP does bond to the metal and liquify carbon. Once bonded to the metal it is a deterrent to buildup of copper and lead because it reduces friction and provides a microscopic layer of lubrication. Once the barrel is clean, periodic cleaning with AIM Weapons Grade CLP helps prevent buildup of copper and lead.

We have several shooters who tell us that buildup of copper and lead was no longer an issue for them once they adopted AIM Weapons Grade CLP.

Give it a try and tell us your experience!

Check out AIM Weapons Grade CLP.

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