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How Do You Free Up a Seized/Frozen Engine Block? Somerville Auto and AIM

How do you get a rusted and seized/frozen engine to turn over? The short answer is with AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant.

Tyler at Somerville Auto and Marine describes how he was able to get his frozen engine to run again. He put AIM in the cylinders and let it sit for a week. Then he tried to turn the engine over and found it was freed up. He was amazed that an engine he thought was ruined came to life again by the penetrating action of AIM lubricant. He is still driving that truck today.

Tyler also explains how they use AIM at their shop on squeaky hinges and doors, for drilling and tapping, and all kinds of uses. One amazing use is to get more accurate readings when taking cylinder compression. They add AIM to the cylinder to get easier and more accurate compression readings.