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PlanetSafe AIM review - Customer Testimonials - Best Rated gun lube - worlds best all purpose lubricant

World's Best Fitness Equipment Lube

In this video we find out how AIM recovers badly rusted gym equipment in San Diego California. As you will see in the video the equipment was virtually useless until AIM eliminated the rust in a couple of days and provided the lubrication that restored the equipment to better than new status.

AIM Penetrating Lube | Dixie State University GYM Switches to AIM

The fitness facility at Dixie State University in Saint George, Utah has replaced their fitness equipment lubricants with AIM Lube from PlanetSafe Lubricants. Christian Hildebrandt, Director of Campus Rec, at DSU tells Tom how much better their equipment performs with a lot less maintenance as AIM lasts so much longer that previous products. Of course AIM is non-toxic, non-hazardous, is impervious to sweat, and has virtually no smell.

Best Oil Treatment | PlanetSafe OT Removes Ford Expedition Cam Phaser Knock

Glen James tells us how he eliminated the cam phaser knock on his Ford Exhibition. When the problem arose he was given a quote of $2,600 to $3,000 for the repair. The service director and Kearny, Pearson Ford gave him a sample of PlanetSafe OT to try out. It eliminated the's Glen...

2003 Ford Explorer Repair With AIM Lube & Customer Reaction

Damion shows a couple of applications for PlanetSafe A.I.M. He explains how and why A.I.M releases nuts and bolts better than anything else on an oxygen sensor repair and how vehicle owner Paul Grob reacts to a surprise A.I.M treatment.

AIR TOOLS | Best AIR Tool Oil for Maintenance and Restoration

PlanetSafe AIM Lube is the best product for AIR tools because in addition to providing a micro coating on all metal surfaces to prevent rust and corrosion it's nano particle technology provides lubrication for moving parts and bearings. If you've got an air tool that won't fire up any longer apply AIM to all parts and let it sit for a few days so AIM can penetrate the rust, corrosion, and gunk, and bring it back to life. AIM is #1 at restoring AIR Tools.

Best Cutting Oil | Dynamic Marine Metal Lathe with AIM Lube

AIM Lube functions as the best cutting oil as well as a penetrating lubricant. This example shows how Dynamic Marine uses PlanetSafe AIM as a cutting oil on their metal lathe. They are able to save money by taking a deeper cut, less wear on the cutting tool, and a smoother end finish. Dynamic Marine Machining on Shelter Island in San Diego is THE machine shop for the marine industry. If you need a driveshaft for your boat, a propeller machined, or countless other machining and specialty jobs give them a call. Or just call them to ask why you should replace all of the toxic products on your boat/ship with AIM Lube.

World's Best Marine Lube | Hobie Cat Kayak Mirage Drive Maintenance

Fastlane Sailing and Kayaking in San Diego is the premier Hobie Cat dealer. Bailey Bush, manager, tells John why they love PlanetSafe AIM Lubricants and AIM grease so much. PlanetSafe AIM works so well on the Mirage Drive Pedal Units that PlanetSafe now manufactures Hobie Multi Lube for use on Hobie Cat equipment. This highly effective penetrating and protecting lube has virtually no smell and is non-toxic and non-hazardous. What's not to like? If you have invested in a high end Hobie Cat Kayak maintain it with PlanetSafe Lubricants and grease to get the most out of your ride...or pay Fastlane Kayaks to do it for you...PlanetSafe products are available for sale at Fastlane Kayaks and other Hobie dealers globally.

World's Best Cutting Oil | Ehmke Sheet Metal Countersink Challenge

This was an amazing result that completely destroys the competition when it comes to extending tool life and providing a better result. EMKHE Sheet Metal in San Diego (National City) has a job they do for the military on a regular basis where they have to countersink 272 3/4" holes in 11 gauge 304 stainless steel. They normally go through 3 or 4 $25 drill bits on that job. But since switching to AIM Lube they only use 1 drill bit and it is still usable after the job.

AIM CLP Firearms Lubricant & Cleaner Applications

Gunsmith Gary Duckworth relates some of the reasons why he loves PlanetSafe AIM Weapons Grade CLP (formerly called Heat Sheild) in his shop. One application that blew him away was applying it not just to his weapons or in choke honing but on his shotgun shell loader...

The Gun Range San Diego Switches to AIM Weapons Grade CLP

John talks with Joe at The Gun Range in San Diego about AIM gun lube and why they love it so much. Especially their armorer.

Rowdys Range St George Switches To AIM CLP

Colby tells us why Rowdy's Range likes using AIM to lubricate and protect their weapon inventory and why they recommend AIM to all of their customers. Like other ranges Rowdy's has discovered all gun lubes are not created equal. And have, like all ranges who have tested PlanetSafe AIM, adopted AIM as their go to lube for their own weapon maintenance as well as recommending it to customers. See if taking AIM is right for you...

World's Best Shotgun Choke Honing Lube | AIM Weapons Grade CLP

Having a perfect choke on your weapon ensures you will hit your target. least you can't blame the weapon. Gary Duckworth, owner of many collectible rifles, discovers AIM Weapons Grade CLP is not only the best gun lube but the best lube he has found for honing his chokes. It saves time and Find out why you should consider using AIM. Don't take chances...take AIM!

PlanetSafe Lubricants A.I.M use #417 Squeaky Swings

How many times has a squeaky swing annoyed you. How about a schoolyard or park with a bunch of squeaky, noisy, annoying swings...well...a couple of drops of non-toxic, non-hazardous AIM and the squeaks are history...for a long time.

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