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How To Fix Squeaking Rusty Axle Assemblies - This Mercedes Fix Saves $2,000

How To Fix Squeaking Rusty Axle Assemblies - This Mercedes Fix Saves 2000 dollars - Rusty axle fix

How To Fix Squeaking Rusty Axle Assemblies

Do you have a squeaky axle assembly? See how this customer saved $2,000 by using PlanetSafe AIM to remove rust.

"I own a 2000, Mercedes, E 430; 17 years old now. It had squeaking coming from rear of car and the mechanic said it was the rear axle assemblies were they enter the brake assemblies. He quoted $2,000 + to remove axles and fix the problem! I’d bought your AIM oil and asked him to squirt some into that troublesome area on each axle. He did the application then showed me how the metal was rusting, I live near the beach, and he asked if he should treat the suspension assemblies also. I said to please spray and treat the rusted parts and he did. In two days the squeaking had stopped and the car ran like new. I’ve replaced all my oils, grease, and cutting oils with the AIM products. Thank you John for your sales presentation! If anything you undersold you products!"

Your friend Jay

Jay Herpick
Imperial Beach, CA

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