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Parks And Rec Maintenance Lubricant - Washington City Parks Are PlanetSafe

Parks and Rec Landscape Tool Lubricant - Best Lubricants - Washington City Parks Use PlanetSafe Lubricants

Best Landscape Tools Lubricant For Parks and Recreation

Washington City Parks Supervisor Dave Jordan tells John about their experiences with PlanetSafe products. WCP personnel use PlanetSafe FT (fuel treatment) to treat all of their landscaping maintenance equipment and fleet vehicles. In addition all oils for vehicles, equipment, and hydraulic fluids are treated with PlanetSafe OT (oil treatment). Equipment starts easier, runs quieter and cooler, and requires less maintenance. PlanetSafe AIM is used to treat all tools, blades, and cutters. PlanetSafe AIM forms an ionic bond to metal surfaces preventing sap and plant matter buildup. This not only saves considerable time and money cleaning equipment it extends the sharpness of blades on hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and hand pruners.

The bottom line is a significant cost savings while using a product line that is non-toxic, non-hazardous and has virtually no smell.

Choosing PlanetSafe saves money and the environment. No more toxic aerosol cans to dispose of. PlanetSafe applicators are all refillable and all containers are recyclable. Join the PlanetSafe team today and help save the planet while improving your efficiency and bottom line.

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