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Best Rust Remover For Metal - AIM Lubricant Removes Rust and Corrosion Like Magic

Best Rust Remover for Metal - Ocean Marine Sea Water Rust Preventing Lube - World's Best Rust Remover - PlanetSafe AIM Rust & Corrosion Test

What is the Best Rust Remover for Metal?

AIM removes rust and corrosion. This is a test of how PlanetSafe AIM handles rust on expensive high strength steel plating. It was performed on location at Gulf Copper in San Diego.

In this test applied AIM lubricant to the surface of a heavily rusted sheet of AH36 high strength ship building steel. The goal is to see if AIM is able to remove the current existing rust and to see if AIM is able to prevent rust. 

As you will see AIM completely eradicates rust while leaving an ongoing protective coating preventing any further rust and corrosion. Since AIM is non-toxic and non-hazardous this application can be performed virtually anywhere on land or at sea. AIM also works very well on brass, aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel.

AIM will remove rust and prevent rust on metal and bolts even in harsh sea water marine and ocean settings.

Want to try PlanetSafe AIM for yourself? Give it a try!

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