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The Best Cutting and Drilling Fluid - Ehmke Sheet Metal Uses AIM Lube to Countersink Holes

World's Best Drilling and Cutting Oil - Ehmke Sheet Metal Countersink Challenge - PlanetSafe AIM Solves the Problem

What is the Best Cutting and Drilling Fluid?

The Challenge: Ehmke Sheet Metal Corp needed to countersink 272 3/4" holes in 11 gauge 304 stainless steel more efficiently because they kept breaking bits. Normally the job requires 3 to 4 countersink bits at a cost of $75 to $100. 

The Solution: Spray the bit with the best cutting fluid mixed with 1 oz of PlanetSafe AIM lubricant.

The Result: Only 1 bit was used and it is still reusable and the finished product was smoother. 

The Cost Savings: Time and money. Using only 1 drill bit that is still reusable saved $75 to $100 against a cost of pennies worth of PlanetSafe AIM lubricant. The same result would have been achieved using PlanetSafe AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant treatment.

Using PlanetSafe AIM lubricant in a spray bottle with cnc fluid Marc was able to countersink 272 holes into stainless steel with only 1 countersink bit. Not only did he save $75 to $100 by only using one bit for the job the bit is still usable and he didn't have to take the time to replace the broken bits he would get before the use of AIM as a drilling fluid oil. The amount of AIM used? About one ounce.

Try out the world's best cutting and drilling fluid and see what results you can achieve in your drilling. AIM works perfect for bandsaws, metal cutting, drill press, aluminum cutting, and more!

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