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Best Garage Door Lubricant - AIM Fixes Sticky Bouncy Garage Door Rollers

Best Garage Door Lubricant for Cold Weather - AIM Fixes Sticky Bouncy Garage Door Rollers - Safe prevent rust - PlanetSafe AIM

What is the Best Lubricant for Garage Doors in Cold Weather?

The best garage door lubricant for cold weather is PlanetSafe AIM.

When winter sets in and the grease in the wheel bearings of your garage door solidify it can cause the door to be loud, bouncy and even stick so bad that the door safety switch trips thinking the door hit something solid. The door won't close. Using AIM All Purpose penetrating lubricant frees up all that grease and allows the rollers to roll freely. Garage door now operates better than it has in years.

PlanetSafe AIM keeps garage doors working longer. Penetrates, cleans and protects rollers and moving metal parts. AIM lubricates metal-to-metal contacts, repels water and moisture and bonds to the metal for long lasting protection. PlanetSafe Products are made with nano-technology that works at the microscopic level to remove grime and debris from moving parts and at the same time provide extreme pressure protection from friction and wear. Protects from water, corrosion, rust, and dust so your garage doors keep performing for years to come.

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