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Best Lube for Fitness Equipment - Cleaning and Lubricating Fitness Equipment with AIM

World's Best Fitness Equipment Lube - Cleaning & Lubricating Fitness Gym Machines - Safe and non-toxic PlanetSafe AIM

Best Lubricant for Gym Fitness Equipment and Exercise Machines

Watch what PlanetSafe AIM lubricants does to heavy rust on weightlifting equipment. As you will see AIM is truly a CLP (Clean, Lubricate, Protect). In just a few days rust has been completely stripped from the steel equipment. AIM crawls under rust and corrosion freeing it up to be wiped off. Depending on the amount of rust it may take longer to free it up. AIM crawls into the micro pores created by rust and pushes the rust to the surface to be wiped off.

In the video world champion kettlebell lifter Dimitri Saetaev shows us what PlanetSafe AIM does to rust covered fitness equipment in his gym. It completely strips the rust and corrosion off of his weightlifting equipment while leaving a long-lasting protective coating.

See how PlanetSafe AIM strips rust and corrosion off of fitness equipment while providing a protective and lubricant coating. This fitness equipment owner says AIM works better than anything he has used - his gym is even near the ocean where moist air used to be a constant source of rust. Now he saves time and money by maintaining his equipment with PlanetSafe AIM. Works better than WD-40. Best lube for exercise equipment.

AIM works better than other lubricants, lasts longer, all while being non-toxic with virtually no smell. It is impervious to sweat and humidity. It has a wide range of applications in fitness clubs and gyms from weightlifting equipment to bikes, treadmills, and any other metal-on-metal contact or surfaces that need to be protected from corrosion either from humidity or sweat.

AIM forms an ionic bond to the metal surface providing ongoing protection while reducing surface friction. AIM is impervious to sweat and provides much longer-lasting lubrication reducing your maintenance costs while extending the life of your equipment.  It can be used on all types of fitness equipment.

Most gyms use a silicon product or products like WD-40. AIM knocks those products out of the park and it does it with no smell.

VersaClimber not only uses these two lubricants in their manufacturing process, they also recommend the AIM lubricants to all their customers for maintaining VersaClimber's vertical climber exercise equipment. 

See our full line of exercise machine grease and lubricants.

Is your gym PlanetSafe?

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