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PlanetSafe Lubricants - Best and Safest Exercise Equipment Lubricant - VersaClimber recommended - Maintenance and repair fitness equipment

St George, Utah, (March 24, 2020) – VersaClimber has said “bye bye” to toxic, smelly, and hazardous lubricants and now approved PlanetSafe Lubricants for all their exercise equipment.  VersaClimber has set a high bar for the fitness industry – dropping toxic lubricants. Sergio Raya, VersaClimber Production and Service Manager, says “We recommend PlanetSafe Lubricants now because customer feedback gives it high marks and our tests demonstrated that it works.  We are glad to be rid of toxic lubricants.”  

For years VersaClimber recommended Super Lube.  The problem was it failed to maintain the equipment and the toxic fumes drove users away.  One user said the smell after applying Super Lube kept me from using my VersaClimber and my lubrication problems came back quickly. Another user said, “I have experimented with many lubricants for the Versaclimber and have found AIM (Extreme Duty) to be the best - and because I'm on that thing almost daily I can tell the difference!” 

PlanetSafe Lubricants are industrial grade products specially formulated with bio-synthetic additives that provide extreme protection and bond to metal surfaces.  It protects against friction, wear, corrosion, and rust. It works on cardio climbers, aerobic steppers, stationary bikes, ellipticals, cable/pulley machines, weight machines, treadmills, rowing machines, and other exercise equipment. 

A few examples of views from VersaClimber owners:  “… the Versa Climbers are now virtually fixed. Your lubes have taken away all the dreaded sticky that was plaguing those machines.  This has also drastically reduced the amount of maintenance those machines need.”

 “Magnifique!  Worked like a CHARM on my old Versa Climber exercise machine. Completely resuscitated it!”  

“Fantastic product. After a year of failure with different lubes, AIM Extreme restore(d) the VersaClimber to working like new.”  

Tom Quigley, PlanetSafe Lubricants CEO, says they now bundle the AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant with the AIM Grease in small, medium, and large lubrication kits for the fitness industry.  They are available on Amazon and their website,

PlanetSafe Lubricants is a small veteran owned business that manufactures, and markets non-toxic and non-hazardous lubricants located in St George, Utah.  PlanetSafe products are in use in many industries from the fitness industry to the automotive industry to the home maintenance and construction industry. Relying on proprietary formulations to create the best non-toxic lubricants available, PlanetSafe products reduce friction, wear, heat, corrosion, and rust and are safe to use.


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