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AiM Extreme Duty Lubricant | Exercise Equipment Lube | Medium Kit | 16 oz sprayer + 0.25 oz grease + precision bottle

$ 42.98

PlanetSafe AiM is the best fitness equipment lubricant on the planet. It's simple, safe, and tough on grime and corrosion. Scientifically formulated for your fitness machines – to protect and preserve for years to come. We scientifically designed AIM Lube specifically for metal parts, chains and machines. By lubricating metal-to-metal contacts while bonding to metal surfaces and preventing the build-up of dust and dirt, it will protect your equipment and tools for years to come.

  • Penetrates, cleans, and protects
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Bonds to metal for long-lasting protection
  • Lubricates metal-to-metal contacts
  • Don't use toxic oils when you can use PlanetSafe
  • Prevents build-up of dust and dirt
  • Repels water and moisture
  • Scientifically formulated to reduce friction

Customer Reviews

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  • Included:
    • 16 oz AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant
    • .25 oz AIM Grease
    • Small bottle with needle tip precision applicator
  • Non-toxic. Non-hazardous. But don't ingest it.

VersaClimber Approved Lube Stamp - PlanetSafe Lubricants - Best Exercise Equipment Lube

PlanetSafe AIM is a perfect substitute for toxic aerosols sprays, WD-40, Silicone sprays, 3-in-One Oil, Tri-Flow, super lube and other lubes. Don't put toxic products on your machines! Protect gym equipment with the best: PlanetSafe Lubricants.

PlanetSafe Exercise Equipment Lube Kit works great with all types of exercise machines including:

  • Vertical Climbers
  • Aerobic Steppers
  • Stationary Bikes
  • Ellipticals
  • Cable/pulley Machines
  • Weight Machines
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing Machines

Well maintained exercise equipment will serve you well for many years.  AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant and AIM Grease provide the lubrication your exercise equipment needs.  VersaClimber not only uses these two lubricants in their manufacturing process, they also recommend the AIM lubricants to all their customers for maintaining exercise equipment.  VersaClimber’s manuals now list AIM lubricants as the “go to” product worldwide.  Whether you own VersaClimber or other brand name exercise equipment, AIM lubricants will maintain your equipment.  Excellent for guide rods on weight lifting equipment, chains on stationary bikes, bearings on all rotating mechanisms like rowing machines, ellipticals, weight machines, even the metal surface under treadmills.

Not only does AIM reduce friction and wear, it also prevents rust and corrosion.  It is simple to apply and long lasting.  Because AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant and AIM Grease bond to the metal surfaces, they create a protective layer that penetrates into the metal’s surface, removing and cleaning grim and residue away, and preventing buildup of future dust and dirt.  In fact, AIM does not attract dust and dirt like aerosol lubricant sprays such as WD-40, Liquid Wrench, and silicone sprays.  AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant is non-toxic and non-hazardous with virtually no smell.  From big university facilities and private exercise studios to the individual home owner who has only one or two pieces of exercise equipment, this AIM Exercise Equipment Kit will fit your need.

Apply a few drops, let it penetrate, then wipe away excess.

    How to Lubricate a VersaClimber Instructional Video

    How to Apply Grease VersaClimber Instructional Video

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Timothy Haydock
    Oily bag but no big deal

    It appeared that the little seal to the squirt bottle had cracked, probably during shipping. Had about a half inch of oil in bottom of Ziploc bag. Just transferred that oil to the precision bottle, using a modified baby bottle nipple as a funnel. lol

    Robert S.
    What a difference!

    Great product. It made my versaclimber perform like when it was new….30 years ago! Thank you.

    jesse s.

    Product is good. I was just a little disappointed in the size of the grease. I have 6 machines and was expecting more.

    Todd S.
    Exercise Equipment Lub Kit

    Great product, fast shipping

    Bill M.
    Great for Versaclimber

    Works great on my Versaclimber Mtn Climber. Def recommend. Last long and odorless.

    Keep your exercise machines performing for years to come.

    PlanetSafe AIM is a precision lubricant that is scientifically formulated to clean and protect your exercise machines, climbers, steppers, treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. Waterproof. Dust proof. Practically anything proof – in a human safe formula. Trusted by professionals. Will help your gym equipment perform better and last longer. VersaClimber Approved.

    Scientifically designed for moving metal parts in exercise equipment. By lubricating metal-to-metal contacts it bonds to metal and prevents rust and the build-up of dust and dirt. It will keep your machines and equipment performing for years to come. Best lubricating oil for chains, moving parts and machines. Machines will run better, require less maintenance and see an instant reduction in sound. Protects from water, rust, and dust so your machines keep performing.

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