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Best Oil Treatment | PlanetSafe OT vs Standard 10W-30

How does PlanetSafe-OT used with standard 10W-30 oil reduce friction and wear?

Using standard Quaker State 10W-30 oil without any additive treatment shows that friction increases at the start of the test (evidenced by the rising graph for the 10W-30). This is analogous to how friction in the engine begins and is greatest at start-up and immediately after start-up. With the increase in friction the temperature of the oil increases. When the oil reaches a critical temperature the oil becomes more effective at reducing friction.

PlanetSafe-OT when added to the Quaker State 10W-30 oil shows no rise in friction during the start-up or at any time during the 60 minute analysis period. The result is lower temperatures, less friction, and less wear. After 60 minutes Quaker State 10W30 with no PlanetSafe-OT added shows a wear scar of 0.47 mm. When PlanetSafe-OT is added the wear scar is 31% less (0.36 mm).

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