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Newsletter: PlanetSafe is VersaClimber Approved

January 15, 2020

PlanetSafe and VersaClimber

PlanetSafe In Action

In January 2019 I got a call from an owner of a VersaClimber cardio fitness machine. He was all excited because he had discovered that our AIM Weapons Grade CLP gun lube had worked so well on his equipment. He explained that he had used all kinds of lubricants – WD-40, 3-In-One Oil, various silicone spray lubes, and others – but none worked like AIM. He said he wanted to get sent some AIM lubricant to the VersaClimber manufacturer – Heart Rate Inc – so they could see how good it worked. After learning more about the VersaClimber, I explained that I was confident our AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant would work in this application. While our AIM Weapons Grade CLP worked, it is more expensive and designed specifically for use in weapons. I explained that our AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant should work well on this cardio fitness exercise equipment. He ordered some AIM and verified that it worked perfectly on the VersaClimber. 

Long story made short, he contacted Heart Rate Inc and we provided some AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant and AIM Grease to Sergio Raya, head of Production and Customer Service. As of today, we have many happy owners of the VersaClimber who use the AIM Grease and AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant. These include exercise studios, university exercise facilities, and individuals. The most popular purchase is the 8 oz AIM Grease combined with the 16 oz AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant. Heart Rate Inc now uses these products in their manufacturing facility and are in the process of updating their user manuals to recommend using these products to maintain VersaClimber equipment. We are in discussions with potential distributors in Australia and Mexico. 

-Tom Quigley

We love hearing success stories from our customers. If you would like us to include your story please let us know!

Meet a Customer

Christian Hildebrandt - Dixie State University

Christian is the Recreation and Fitness Director at Dixie State University. With 20+ years of experience in the fitness and exercise industry he has seen pretty much all the options for lubricating and cleaning equipment. He has been more than pleased with AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant on the equipment in his fitness and exercise facilities. He said, “We have always been looking for a better way to lubricate our equipment and guide rods, so our equipment runs smoother. We have had nothing but success with AIM lubricant. … Dust was minimal, nothing close to what it was before. We have over 1,000 students using our facilities … every piece of equipment gets a lot of use. This is the best product we have used on our equipment and I have been in this industry over twenty years.” 

PlanetSafe AIM is a bio-synthetic product specially formulated to lubricate, penetrate rusted parts, and clean rust and corrosion from surfaces. Once the rust and corrosion are removed AIM protects surfaces from further rust and corrosion. The synthetic components provide extreme protection and lubrication while the bio-components form an ionic bond that attracts the lubricant to the surfaces. Together the components complement each other to provide lubrication and protection second to none. 

We make a few sizes of the Exercise Lube Kits - go check them out. Seriously, this is the best lubricant you will find for your fitness equipment...just ask VersaClimber! This will dramatically increase performance and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

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