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Newsletter: PlanetSafe is the Preferred CLP of Gun Enthusiasts

February 21, 2020

EliteIron and PlanetSafe

PlanetSafe In Action

Dale Poling, the principal behind EliteIron Suppressor Systems, is a highly experienced professional machinist with more than 25 years of background in the area of precision impact testing prototype weapons parts for various US small arms manufacturers. He has ten years of experience in competitive short- and long-range match shooting. He is a former member of the National Bench Rest Shooting Association (NBRSA), the National Tactical Shooting Association (NTSA), and the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association, and he holds the FCSA 1996 world record for 1,000-yards. 

In a conversation with Dale he described his experience using AIM Weapons Grade CLP. Dale shot 797 rounds using AIM Weapons Grade CLP and the gun performed flawlessly, no hiccups or jams. Dale represents EliteIron, Ruag Ammotec, Opt2, Tridentis Tactical a gun manufacturer, and JP Enterprises. These companies are highly respected in the gun community. Dale says he tells all the shooters that they really need to try this stuff because you are not going to believe how well your gun is going to function. 

Dale says, “AIM Weapons Grade CLP is amazing, it goes everywhere that it needs to go. That stuff is absolutely unbelievable. I will tell you why with a quick rundown. My gun started getting really, really dirty after about 450 rounds, you could actually physically see the carbon build up on the bolt carrier. I pulled the applicator bottle out of my rifle case and put one drop on the bolt head. That’s all just one drop, and the gun functioned the rest of the day. It never slowed down, it never hiccuped, never jammed. So, when you can take a product that you have already installed on a firearm group and then be able to add to it without doing any ill effects that is a positive note. Because many of these lubricants out there say you must clean before you add new product to it. And that is not the case with AIM. I have tried AIM in the small applicator on a 10/32 tap in titanium. I had less friction problems using AIM than with some of the specialized titanium tapping products. I was deeply shocked because what happens normally is the tap breaks. It was nice to be able to tap a hole and not have any ill effect like having to scrap a part or start over again. I hate working with titanium.”

We love hearing success stories from our customers. If you would like us to include your story please let us know!

Meet a Customer

Mike Sherrod – Competitive Shotgun Shooter and Gun Enthusiast

"AIM CLP will creep better than any other product I have used before. AIM CLP works as good or better than Kroil and it does not smell and I am not worried about getting it on me. I have found that AIM actually works better than Kroil. I explain to people that AIM will get into the cracks and crevices and bond to the metal surface to protect the metal. Everyone that has a nice gun does not want it to rust.  
Everybody I have shared it with has been pleased with it. There was a 410 shotgun that I could not get the powder fouling out of. I had tried a number of different products but I still could not get the bore as clean as I wanted it. Someone had neglected a 410 shotgun. After getting AIM CLP I put some in the barrel and left it for about 30 minutes then ran a tornado brush through the bore. It cleaned it out when nothing else I used would clean it. AIM CLP works good on stubborn powder fouling that built up in the bore."
PlanetSafe AIM Weapons Grade CLP is the best all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and preservative for your weapons. We also sell Gun Cleaning Kits - go check them out. Seriously, this is the best lubricant you will find for your firearms! This will dramatically increase performance and extend the lifetime of your weapons. 

The rifle cleaning kit comes in a rugged, army green, zipped belt pack with two refillable bottles of AIM Weapons Grade CLP, two different applicators, a spray tip, needle tip, bore cleaning assembly, AIM Extreme Performance Grease, and wipes.

-AIM Weapons Grade CLP Benefits: 
-Quicker cleaning
-Better lubrication
-Forms ionic bond to metal
-Better bolt action
-Less friction, heat and wear
-Fewer malfunctions or jamming
-Does not gum up 
-Does not attract dust or dirt 
-Dissolves rust and corrosion 
-Impervious to salt water
-Works great in extreme cold temperatures (-40 degrees tested)
-Active ingredient .39mm wear scar 
-Reduces spalling 
-Virtually no smell 

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AIM Weapons Grade CLP Rifle Cleaning Kit

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