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Newsletter: Amtrak and PlanetSafe

November 1, 2019

How does Amtrak use PlanetSafe AIM?

PlanetSafe In Action

When the warranty expired on the Amtrak passenger cars, we were approached by the Environmental Engineer at the Oakland Amtrak repair yard. We introduced them to PlanetSafe AIM as a replacement for WD-40, TriZol, and other penetrating lubricants. AIM was approved for system wide use on Amtrak. One of their uses is to clean and lubricate the worm drive that opens and closes the passenger car doors. When these doors get jammed due to dirty and non-functioning worm drives, they have to take the car out of service and back to their repair yard. AIM is long-lasting and does not attract dust and dirt as their previous lubricant products did. Now they apply AIM on the worm drive and it prevents the doors from jamming, reducing down time, and simplifying the maintenance process. They use the 16 oz and 4 oz AIM applicators. 

Amtrak saves considerable money each month because AIM is non-toxic and non-hazardous, it does not require hazardous waste disposal. 

Amtrak found that AIM works as a cutting fluid and in maintaining equipment and facilities. So now AIM is in widespread use at the Oakland (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Sanford (FL), Hialeah (FL), and Chicago (IL) repair yards. CL Presser, Philadephia (PA) distributes AIM to Amtrak (https://www.clpressercompany.com/). 

We love hearing success stories from our customers. If you would like us to include your story please let us know!

Meet a Customer

Meet Jim McClune - Interwest Rebuilders

Jim tells us he uses AIM lube all the time in his shop. He rebuilds starting motors, alternators, and electrical components for motors. Jim has found that AIM gets the job done. 

He uses it when drilling, tapping, threading, and in treating rusted bolts and nuts. He says it saves him a lot of time and hassle. He tells the story in just 2 minutes on a video clip.
A safe, long-lasting, all-purpose lubricant that penetrates, cleans, and protects. 

For use in homes, work shops - auto/diesel/marine, machine, mechanic, fabrication - works on hinges, locks, farm equipment, lawn equipment, hand tools, power tools, sliding doors, and more. It even works in water.

Product Showcase

AIM - Best All-Purpose Lubricant