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Best Oil Treatment | PlanetSafe OT vs Justice Brother's Engine Treatment

How does Justice Brother’s engine treatment compare with PlanetSafe-OT?

Justice Brothers Engine Treatment was applied to Quaker State 10W-30 at the recommended rate. While Justice Brother’s friction trace remains fairly consistent during the 60 minute test period, it is above PlanetSafe-OT in friction for nearly two thirds of the test period. The result is higher friction and more wear than PlanetSafe-OT. Molecular shear is likely beginning to be an issue with the Justice Brothers additive after about 40 minutes. The wear after 60 minutes with Justice Brothers was 0.47 mm, the same amount of wear if no additive had been added. The wear scar for Justice Brothers is 31% more than the scar for PlanetSafe-OT.

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