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Why PlanetSafe AIM?

Good question. If history has shown us anything it has shown us companies have to make compromises when going green. But what does "going green" really mean? Why do we have to compromise? It usually means sacrificing performance in order to save on employee health or environmental impact.

The difference with PlanetSafe is significant.

First of all please note this.

PlanetSafe AIM penetrating lubricant outperforms the toxic competition. It works faster and it lasts longer. It even works under water with virtually zero environmental impact. Try that with your current lubricant. By toxic competition we mean products that have household names like WD-40®, Kroil®, PB B'laster®, Liquid Wrench®, Trizol®, Bronze Lube, Tapmatic® and every single product we have come up against. If you can find a product that works faster or lasts longer we want to know. We have spent 20 years developing the secret component in AIM that bonds to metal, reduces friction, eliminates rust, lasts a long time, works under water, and has virtually no smell. Ask Hobie Cat why they chose AIM as the first lubricant to brand as their own for the Mirage Drives on their kayaks. Ask Sector 9 why they chose AIM as the go-to lubricant for Bearing Butter for their long-board skateboards. It works...period!

If PlanetSafe is so good why do I not see it in Napa, Walmart, Home Depot, Auto Zone and other stores?

Because PlanetSafe AIM works better, faster, and lasts longer than all of the toxic aerosol products currently available in chain stores. Products that pirate a whole category are not welcome in chain stores. PlanetSafe AIM outlasts other products for so long nobody wants to sell them. We cost chain stores money while we save you money.

How can I benefit from PlanetSafe AIM?

Easy. If you have anything that squeaks, anything with rust, any job where you have to take something apart or put it back together and you want it to function better you can probably benefit from AIM. AIM excels on drilling, cutting, and threading jobs. AIM is so versatile you will probably never reach for another product again.

Here's the bottom line.

PlanetSafe AIM has become the go-to solution in Utah and southern California in automotive dealers, repair shops, machine shops, marine stores, bike shops, gun stores, gun ranges, industry and so much more. Jump on the band wagon. Stop poisoning the planet with your current aerosol products. Get a faster, better result, today with PlanetSafe AIM penetrating lubricant.


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