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PlanetSafe Lubricants OT Oil and Gear Treatment 32oz - Worlds Best Oil and Gear Treament - scientifically proven - non-toxic- protection - how to get more power from my diesel engine - gasoline and diesel engines treatment
PlanetSafe OT Oil Treatment 32oz Oil and Gear Treatment - Worlds best - non-toxic - scientifically proven - best oil treatment for diesel

PlanetSafe Lubricants GT-DT Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Treatment 32oz

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1oz Treats 15 Gallons of Fuel

32oz Treats 480 Gallons of Fuel

PlanetSafe GT/DT Fuel Treatment is an industry leading bio-synthetic gasoline, diesel, and bio-diesel additive designed to protect and enhance the performance of your gasoline and diesel engines.

Primary PlanetSafe GT/DT benefits include:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Boost in cetane number
  • Better lubricity to protect the fuel system components–very important for ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • Compatible with ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • Improved cold weather properties–lower cloud point and lower pour point
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved conductivity
  • Improved fuel stability
  • Reduced carbon deposits

The industry standard lubricity in diesel fuel is a wear scar of 520 microns measured with the High Frequency Reciprocating Rig test (HFRR) using the industry standard ASTM D-6079 at 60 degrees C test. With PlanetSafe GT/DT added the independent lab tests show an HFRR wear scar of just 360 microns. This extra lubricity provides added protection to all the moving parts in your fuel system – allowing a smoother running vehicle and less wear.


Click Here for the Safety Data Sheet (SDS/MSDS)