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AiM Extreme Duty Lubricant | All Purpose | 32oz yorker/sprayer

$ 39.99

PlanetSafe AIM is a safe all-purpose lubricant scientifically formulated to penetrate, clean and protect your tools, machinery, and moving parts. Non-toxic, non-hazardous and odorless. Waterproof. Dust proof. Practically anything proof – in a human safe formula. Trusted by professional mechanics, machinists, and craftspeople.

  • Penetrates, cleans, and protects
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Bonds to metal for long-lasting protection
  • Lubricates metal-to-metal contacts
  • Prevents build-up of dust and dirt
  • Repels water and moisture
  • Scientifically formulated to reduce friction  

Customer Reviews

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  • Includes: 32 oz AIM Lubricant
  • Non-toxic. Non-hazardous. But don’t ingest it.

AIM Lubricant is scientifically designed specifically for moving metal parts. By lubricating metal-to-metal contacts while bonding to metal surfaces and preventing the build-up of dust and dirt, it will keep your tools and equipment moving for years to come. Perfect for around the house and for auto, marine, mechanics, weapons, hinges, sewing machines, bearings, chains, exercise equipment, hedge trimmers, power tools, rusty bolts, and much more.

PlanetSafe AIM is a safe all-purpose lubricant that penetrates, cleans and protects. Lubricates metal-to-metal contacts. Bonds to metal surfaces. Repels water and moisture. Bonds to the metal for long lasting protection.

Apply lubricant to needed areas, let it penetrate, then wipe away excess.

(not an exclusive list by any means)

Chains, bearings, hinges, doors, windows, exercise machines, desk drawers, fans, cabinet doors, farm equipment, lawn & garden equipment, commercial mowers, hand tools, power tools, drilling lube, cutting fluid, garage doors, sewing machines, squeaky bed frames, weapons, roller bearings, springs, large bay doors, bottling machinery, heavy duty equipment and it works amazing on locks.  

AIM Lube is the perfect answer for auto-marine shops, machine shops, mechanic shops, gun ranges, light industry, assembly lines, large machinery, metal shops, and industrial plants. AIM works great around salt water and corrosion and much more. You will keep find uses for it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan K.
Best stuff!

Use it on my kayak peddle drive. Holds up to saltwater! Hands down best lube and protectant out there.

Paul H.
Great stuff

We use this in our shop. It works great!. Paul H.

Russell R.
PlanetSafe AIM Extreme Duty Lubricant 32oz

This was delivered nicely, as scheduled. Package included small bottle with tube for applying the lubricant to precise places which was a welcome addition. The lubricant appears to work well as I am rebuilding an old Versa Climber.

Joe B.
my go to oil

I've been using this oil for a year now. It works for just about everything in my shop from lubricant for air tools to cutting fluid for drilling, milling, and tapping. My only downside is the shipping cost.

Denisha D.
Great Product

My experience with the product has been great as well as the service!

What is PlanetSafe AIM and how does it work?

PlanetSafe AIM is a bio-synthetic product specially formulated to lubricate, penetrate rusted parts, and clean rust and corrosion from surfaces. Once the rust and corrosion are removed AIM protects surfaces from further rust and corrosion. The synthetic components provide extreme protection and lubrication while the bio-components form an ionic bond that attracts the lubricant to the surfaces. Together the components complement each other to provide lubrication and protection second to none.

The World's Greatest, Safest, Hardest-working Lubricant on the Planet.

We're dedicated to making the best lubricant on planet earth. It's simple, safe, and tough on grime and corrosion. Scientifically formulated for machinists, mechanics, and craftspeople – to protect and preserve for years to come. 

PlanetSafe AIM Lubricant for home, automotive, industrial, marine, and weapons applications are manufactured in St George, Utah. PlanetSafe Lubricants are the result of nearly 20 years of research and development of patented lubricant technologies. AIM combines the penetrating qualities needed to free rusty parts with the lubricating qualities needed to allow moving parts to function with less friction, heat, and wear as well as the protecting qualities needed to ward off rust and corrosion. PlanetSafe AIM solves real world problems in the home, industry and commercial applications.

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