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AiM CLP | Weapons Grade CLP | Cleaning Kit | Pistol

$ 49.99

Clean, lubricate, and protect your firearms with the world's best gun lube. Whether it’s a weekend hunt or routine maintenance, this weapons-grade CLP is scientifically formulated to reduce friction and heat, clean deep by liquifying carbon build-up, and prevent the build-up of dust and residue. It’s perfect for all your firearms. 

  • Reduces friction and heat
  • Protects from water and rust
  • Liquifies carbon build-up
  • Works flawlessly in extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Prevents the buildup of dust and dirt
  • Scientifically formulated to clean, lubricate, and protect weapons
  • Includes:
    • It comes in a rugged, army green, zipped belt pack with two 1 oz bottles of AIM Weapons Grade CLP, two different applicators (a spray tip and a needle tip) bore cleaning assembly, AIM Extreme Performance Grease, and wipes.
    • Bore sizes included (Standard Kit. Optional sizes available based on volume purchases):  .22 .35 .40 .45
    • Wholesale/Bulk pricing available.
  • Non-toxic. Non-hazardous. But don't ingest it.

Break-in on new weapons is the first phase of weapon wear out. Applying AIM CLP Gun Lube from the get go reduces wear and eliminates spalling due to its anti-weld properties. This will increase the lifespan of the weapon, function and reliability. For proper firearm maintenance clean your weapon thoroughly prior to applying AIM. AIM can be used on all parts of your weapon. Swab the barrel and remove the excess leaving a very lightly oiled barrel.

AIM is perfect for stainless steel and aluminum framed weapons as it works excellent on non-Ferrous metals. AIM does a great job on rust removal on firearms. AIM is an anti-corrosive and rejects water.

No more toxic spray to inhale or get in your eyes and on your skin. Non-toxic. Non-hazardous. Non-flammable. But don’t ingest it.

PlanetSafe AIM gives you the ability to add the lubricity of our lube to your choice of weapon grease regardless of grease type. Just add a drop or two of the treatment to a dab of your usual weapon grease and mix thoroughly before applying to your weapon. Your weapon will now function better in extreme temperature ranges, have less friction on moving parts and better anti-corrosive properties. Treating your weapon grease will increase the life of your usual grease application.

AIM Features:

  • Quicker cleaning
  • Better lubrication
  • Forms ionic bond to metal
  • Better bolt action
  • Less friction, heat and wear
  • Fewer malfunctions or jamming
  • Does not gum up
  • Does not attract dust or dirt
  • Dissolves rust and corrosion
  • Impervious to salt water
  • Works great in extreme cold temperatures (<-40)
  • Active ingredient .39mm wear scar
  • Reduces spalling
  • Virtually no smell

 Dale Poling, EliteIron Suppressor Systems

Dale is a highly experienced professional machinist with more than 25 years in precision impact testing of prototype weapons parts for various US small arms manufacturers. He is experienced in competitive short and long range match shooting. He is a former member of the National Bench Rest Shooting Association (NBRSA), the National Tactical Shooting Association (NTSA), and the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association, and he holds the FCSA 1996 world record for 1,000-yard .50 caliber BMG rifle.  EliteIron has extensive tooling including CNC lathes and mills with equipment designed to deliver the best quality suppressors, muzzle brakes, and system solutions possible.

Dale loves our AIM lubricant. These are some of his quotes:

“I shot 797 rounds using PlanetSafe AIM and the gun performed flawlessly with no hiccups or jams at all.  I would say to all shooters that they really need to try this stuff because you are not going to believe how well your gun is going to function.  This stuff is absolutely amazing.  It goes everywhere that it needs to go.”

“PlanetSafe AIM is absolutely unbelievable.  I will give you a quick rundown.  My gun started getting really, really dirty after about 450 rounds.  You could actually see the carbon build up on the bolt carrier.  I put one drop of AIM on the bolt head – just a single drop – the gun functioned the rest of the day.  It never slowed down, it never hiccupped, it never jammed.”

“When you can take a lubricant you have already installed on your firearm and then add to it without any ill effects that is a very positive thing.  Most lubricants require cleaning your firearm before you can add lubricant – that is not the case with AIM.”

“The firearms industry is really huge and everybody has a wiz bang lubricant.  I have tried so many of them – people are always saying to me that this new lubricant is great give it a try.  Unfortunately some of the stuff out there is real garbage.”

“I took the AIM in the needle tip applicator with me to a shoot in North Carolina.  I was shooting two gas guns and neither of them hiccupped or jammed.  I was happy about that because no one wants a gun to jam or go down when you are demonstrating special operations.”

When Dale shoots he represents EliteIron, Ruag Ammotec, Op's 2, and Tridentis Tactical. Dale uses  JP gear in his shooting.

Dr. Brad Root, D.O. and gun enthusiast provides the following description of his experience with AIM Weapons Grade CLP.

 “I recently took my 1911 handgun to the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump Nevada for a 2 Day Defensive Handgun Course.  I had previously lubed by handgun with FrogLube and had intended to strip that lube off and use AIM Weapons Grade CLP but I ran out of time and did not get the gun lubed with AIM CLP.  The first day of shooting, my 1911 began to have numerous malfunctions and cause me problems.  That night in the hotel I did not have my cleaning equipment to strip off the FrogLube so I simply applied some of the AIM CLP and let it sit.  I then wiped it off and applied a few drops of AIM CLP and spread it around.  The next day I was amazed that my gun went the whole rest of the course without any malfunctions or problems.  When I got home after the course,  I used AIM CLP to clean my 1911.  I now have intentions of stripping off  FrogLube from all my weapons and applying AIM CLP.”

Mike Sherrod, Vancouver, BC

"A friend of mine went home after I told her how well this stuff works on guns and took her Benelli automatic completely apart and cleaned it with AIM, she was so impressed she took a photo of the dissembled gun and sent it to me with her comment "Cleanest ever! I like this stuff".

Benelli automatic now protected with Heat Shield


While I was telling one of the shooters at the club about AIM a guy I don't know asked what we were talking about and mentioned he had a Browning Auto 5 that he had never taken apart and so I told him to bring it in because most of the Auto 5's I see don't have the friction rings assembled correctly.

Actually the gun was in really good shape and quite clean, I cleaned the slide, spring and friction rings, I told him we should probably remove the screw in choke and coat it as well.

His response was that he couldn't get the choke out, he had tried on numerous occasions to no avail.

He said he was going to make a special tool that he could put in a 3/8 " socket drive to get it out.

I told him this was just what I was looking for, a challenge for the Heat Shield.

I put some around the muzzle to let it wick down into the choke tube as well as put a ring of it inside the barrel where the choke seats in the barrel.

I waited about 5 min and took a 12 ga. choke wrench and locked the barrel between my knees so I could put some torque on the wrench, well as you would expect with a pretty good twist on the wrench it broke loose and the look on the guy's face was priceless.

The choke really didn't have any rust on it, just carbon and it wiped off pretty easily.

If I were a gunsmith I could have easily charged him $25 or $30 bucks and he would have been extremely pleased that someone got it out.

Can't wait for the next challenge."

Tim's 1966 US Army Deuce 'n Half Bobtail. Now being maintained with PlanetSafe Lubricants.

Maritime Security Officer training with AIM CLP Gun Lube

Variety of weapons Tim West was maintaining with AIM CLP Gun Lube


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