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World's Best Bike Lube - How AIM Lube Lubricates Your Bike Properly

World's Best Non-Toxic Bike Lube - How Planet Safe AIM Lube Lubricates Your Bike Properly - How to lube a bike chain

What is the Best Non-Toxic Bike Lubricant?

Bikes need lubrication to maintain optimal performance. If you are interested to learn how to lubricate your bike chain, cables and other parts of a bicycle watch this video. PlanetSafe AIM Lubricant is designed to help your bike perform like new.

Join IBB Cyclery owner, trainer, and triathlete Kirk Nelson as he walks us through the proper method of lubing and taking care of your bicycle.

First part of a tune up is to degrease the bike. Remove any previous grease and lubricant and clean the bike and chain of any debris, dust and grime. If your chain is rusty just keep applying AIM, letting it penetrate and wiping the chain clean. Repeat this process and you will see AIM removing the rust and making your chain almost as good as new.

To apply bike chain lube, apply a small amount of lube to each chain link as you slowly backpedal for a few revolutions. Use the needle tip applicator to drip the oil liberally to the chain as it rotates.

Let the lubricant sit for 15-30 minutes as the lube will penetrate on it's own. The bike lube will penetrate the pins and rollers which are the integral moving parts of your bike chain. Then wipe off any excess lube. Wipe off from the side plates and the tops of the rollers and pins. What lubricant you take off really isn't going to affect the lube that has already penetrated the important parts of the chain that need to be lubricated. 

If you have caked on lube from other lubricants from over the years don't worry AIM will fix this for you. Most lubricants will collect dust and dirt and will eventually dry and become solid or sticky gue on your chain. The answer is AIM. AIM will clean and remove the old gummed up lubricants. Apply AIM lube and let it penetrate and wipe away the mess. Apply AIM a few more times and wipe away the grime and the chain will be as good as new.

Another important part of bike maintenance is the bike parts besides the chain. Apply a drop of AIM to any of the bike's movable pivot points. This will help keep the parts moving clean and free. This includes the brakes, cables, derailleurs, and inside the cable housing. Let it penetrate into any area that pivots and moves. Wipe away any excess.

One of the benefits of PlanetSafe AIM is that the lubricant is non-toxic and it doesn't stink. AIM is not harmful to those applying the lube or the bike rider. Since AIM is odorless you are able to apply the lubricant indoors without an overwhelming fumes and smell like most other lubricants.

Keep biking!

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