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Dr. Brad Root, D.O. Solves Colt 1911 FrogLube Problem with AIM CLP

“I recently took my 1911 handgun to the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump Nevada for a 2 Day Defensive Handgun Course.  I had previously lubed by handgun with FrogLube and had intended to strip that lube off and use AIM Weapons Grade CLP but I ran out of time and did not get the gun lubed with AIM CLP.  The first day of shooting, my 1911 began to have numerous malfunctions and cause me problems.  That night in the hotel I did not have my cleaning equipment to strip off the FrogLube so I simply applied some of the AIM CLP and let it sit.  I then wiped it off and applied a few drops of AIM CLP and spread it around.  The next day I was amazed that my gun went the whole rest of the course without any malfunctions or problems.  When I got home after the course,  I used AIM CLP to clean my 1911.  I now have intentions of stripping off  FrogLube from all my weapons and applying AIM CLP.”

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