Sector 9 Ball Bearing Butter

PlanetSafe Lubricants is proud to announce our partnership with San Diego-based Sector 9. Sector 9 is a leader in the design and manufacturing of skateboards both domestically and internationally.

Sector 9 has been looking for an effective lubricant for the bearings on their skateboards for several years. The bearings undergo a tremendous amount of heat and pressure especially on longboards that are ridden at speeds of over 60 miles per hour. At those speeds the last thing you need is a bearing to fail. Bearing Butter provides an extremely strong microfilm coating on the surface of the bearings. When the bearings reach a certain temperature an ionic bond is created between the lubricity agent and the surface of the bearing. Bearing Butter does not attract dust or dirt so you will be able to go longer between cleanings. The first thing you will notice is improved performance.

After months of testing by pros and proving on the hills of California and elsewhere Sector 9 has launched the industry's leading bearing lube. Sector 9 Ball Bearing Butter, designed and manufactured by PlanetSafe Lubricants is now available. Check with your local board shop and get yours today.

Go faster, go longer!

  • Rob Muldar 01
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  • Rob Muldar 05
  • Rob Muldar at the Canadian National Windsurfing Championships.
  • Rob warming up for his heat.
  • One of Rob's boards going airborne.
  • Rob's carbon-fiber handiwork on a sailboat.
  • Olympian Kelly Smith's hand-crafted, composite wheelchair.


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