Fidget Spinner Clean & Lube Kit
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Fidget Spinner Clean & Lube Kit

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Spinner Lube & Spinner Degreaser are designed to maintain your Fidget Spinner or Skateboard and Roller Blade Bearings.

Spinner Lube is designed for lubing and maintaining the bearings on your spinners.

Our Spinner Degreaser is an all-purpose cleaner/degreaser for metal, plastic, stainless-steel, porcelain, and wood.


Spinner Lube - if your spinner is new put a very small amount of on the bearings. An easy way to do this is to put a small amount of lube on a rag and rub the bearings with the lubricated rag. Avoid dropping lube directly on new bearings. Only a very small amount is needed to treat new bearings. As the spinner ages, it may slow down. Follow the directions for the Spinner Degreaser and then put a single drop of Spinner Lube on the bearings and work them. The thin penetrating lubricant will reach all the micro-spaces of the bearings and help keep them clean and operating freely.

Spinner Degreaser - The sign of a spinner in need of degreasing is the spinner will begin to slow down. Remove the bearing, drop a few drops of Spinner Degreaser directly on the bearing and place in a small plastic container with enough water to fully cover the bearing. Shake and stir the bearing so the degreaser can work into all the spaces on the bearing. After this cleaning cycle, rinse the bearing with clean water and dry the bearing using compressed air or a blow dryer on a low setting. Once the bearing is dry, place a single drop of Spinner Lube on the bearing.


Spinner Lube - mineral oil and bio-components and synthetic components - Non-Toxic

Spinner Degreaser - 2-Butoxyethenol 1-5%, Ethoxylated Alcohol 1-5% - Non-Toxic

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