Best Chainsaw Lube | Sunrise Firewood Chainsaw AIM Lube Demo 2

This is part II of John's test of our AIM and OT products. His chainsaw bar oil was treated with PlanetSafe OT and AIM was sprayed on the bar, chain, and housing. John discovered he saved about 10 to 15 minutes cleaning the chainsaw after a 2 hour use. This translates into significant cost savings. At a time savings of about an hour a day with his 4 chainsaws John is saving around $240 per month just in labor costs. A 16oz bottle of AIM is $19.99 and an 8oz bottle of OT which treats 8 gallons of bar oil is $12.99. A cost of $32.98 over 2 months vs a savings of $480 in labor. He will see a further cost savings due to the reduced wear and tear on the equipment. The chains will also stay sharper longer providing even further benefit and cost savings.