AIM The Best Cutting Fluid | Ehmke Sheet Metal Uses AIM Lube to Countersink Holes

The Challenge: Countersink 272 3/4" holes in 11 gauge 304 stainless steel more efficiently. Normally the job requires 3 to 4 countersink bits at a cost of $75 to $100.

The Solution: Spray the bit with the best cutting fluid mixed with 1 oz of PlanetSafe AIM lubricant.

The Result: Only 1 bit was used and it is still reusable and the finished product was smoother.

The Cost Savings: Time and money. Using only 1 drill bit that is still reusable saved $75 to $100 against a cost of pennies worth of PlanetSafe AIM lubricant. The same result would have been achieved using PlanetSafe L8 cnc treatment.