Amtrak Facility Los Angeles Switches to AIM Lubricant Replacing Toxic Products June 09, 2016 12:00

    Los Angeles, CA - June 9th, 2016

    After 7 months of widespread and successful use of AIM Lube at the Amtrak Oakland rail yard Amtrak Los Angeles adopts AIM in order to replace all toxic aerosol products for train and vehicle fleet maintenance, repair, machining, as well as facilities and grounds. Tami Calderon, Amtrak purchaser, noted...not only are our guys going to love using AIM for all of the right reasons, we are going to save about $4,000 every 3 months because we will no longer have to pay to dispose of empty, toxic aerosol cans. You've just added thousands of dollars to my budget just by switching to AIM lube.

    AIM has replaced WD-40, Trizol, Liquid Wrench and other toxic products. Amtrak LA is now PlanetSafe.