Color Country Diesel Switches To AIM Lube for Shop and Fleet

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Color Country Diesel in Cedar City, Utah tries AIM Lube on a really, really tough job where they had to ream a hole on a large bushing to resize it. It was the first time they had tried AIM. They were very, very surprised to find not only did they need considerably less pressure once they applied AIM to the bushing but the metal was significantly smoother with a superior finish over their current CNC fluid. This is a common story with all of our clients. Not only will AIM allow you to get a better result on the job...

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Ford Expedition Cam Phaser Knock Fix | PlanetSafe Oil Treatment

Glenn Janes got a repair quote of $2,600 to $3,000 to repair a cam phaser knock on his 2008 Ford Expedition. The Ford service manager gave him 3oz of OT to try in his next oil change to see what happens. Cam phaser knock is no more. OT cost...$4.00 savings...$2,596.00

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Automotive Repair Oxygen Sensor | AIM Penetrating Lube

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Damion shows a couple of applications for PlanetSafe AIM. He explains how and why AIM releases nuts and bolts better than anything else especially on an oxygen sensor repair or exhaust system and how vehicle owner Paul Grob reacts to a surprise AIM treatment on his door latch and hinges. One of the things Damion points out is that if you don't have the time to wait for AIM to penetrate a rusted or corroded bolt you can use a torch to heat up the bolt red hot and spray AIM on the bolt. AIM loves heat and is virtually...

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